Success Story: Assisting Member with Breast Cancer Treatment Options

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Success Story: Assisting Member with Breast Cancer Treatment Options

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 63 year old female

Diagnosis: The member has a diagnosis of stage I (T1bN0)invasive ductal carcinoma of the upper outer quadrant of the right breast.

Medical History: The member had breast implants more than 20 years ago, and actually her cancer helped discover that the right implant was leaking.  She underwent removal of her implants and lumpectomy and immediate reconstruction in the operating room with the plastic surgery with bilateral implants. She was told that she would need radiation therapy following lumpectomy as whole breast radiation reduces the risk of local recurrence and has shown to have a beneficial effect on survival.

MCM Intervention: As a member of the Case Management program, the member called one of our Case Managers after she had just received her 5th treatment.  She had been told that after about two weeks, she would probably notice some redness and warmth.  The night after her 5th treatment, she noticed that her breast was “hot” and very red.  She went in the next morning and told the nurse and the physician check her and acknowledged that it was red and warm.  After her treatment that day, she turned red from the waist up, and noticed this in the dressing roman become very concerned. The Case Manager explained to her the treatment options and what to do if she is concerned about continuing treatments. The member was relieved to understand her options better and said it was “just so nice to have someone to listen.”

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