Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

//Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 64 year old female

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Medical History: Since enrolling in the DM program the patient has received surveillance and education by the health coach regarding saturated and unsaturated fats in her diet. This knowledge combined with physical activity enabled this patient to lose 12 pounds. Additionally, her BMI dropped 2 points. She is participating in Yoga and enjoys this type of exercise. Her heart healthy diet includes less animal products such as, less red meat, butter and whole milk. Avoiding dairy products helps to lower her LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. In moderation this patient is eating more nuts, fish and cooking with olive oil. This diet is good for her heart. Her weight loss has helped to reduce the workload on her heart. This shows her commitment to avoiding the progression of her condition.

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