Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

//Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

HiRes_MANPatient: a 58 year old male

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of diabetes.

Medical History: The patient has a history of diabetes.

MCM Intervention: Since enrolling in the Better Health with Diabetes Program the patient has been receiving education and surveillance regarding diet and weight loss. The patient was eating too many carbohydrates in the evening which resulted in a high fasting blood sugar in the morning. Although he was complaint with daily exercise, his weight loss had reached a plateau. The patient met the challenge set by the health coach by adding protein to his snack and reducing carbohydrates. The patient’s blood sugar dropped to a daily average of 100 and his A1C was 6.2. Moreover, he has lost an additional 10#, bringing his BMI one point closer to normal. He remarked that he discussed the coaching program with his doctor who told him “it’s a good thing.” The patient stated he “liked having the health coach check up on me, it keeps me motivated.”

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