Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

//Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 45 year old female

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of diabetes.

Medical History: The patient has a history of diabetes with poor compliance for health.

MCM Intervention: Since enrolling in the Better Health with Diabetes Program the patient has been receiving education and surveillance regarding diet, exercise, and preventative testing. The patient was eating foods high in refined sugar. In addition she was not exercising due to pain in her feet. Consequently her blood sugars were averaging over 250 per day, she was unable to lose weight and she was experiencing blurred vision. The patient was experiencing complications related to diabetes. The health coach challenged her to find an endocrinologist in her network and schedule a check up. The patient met the challenge and is seeing an endocrinologist. Her foot pain has been addressed; she has eliminated cola and has reduced her bread intake by half. She is walking four days per week for 30 minutes. She has scheduled a routine dilated retinal exam for the first time in over a year. Moreover, her average daily blood sugar is down to 150’s. She remarked that “talking with the health coach has really helped me get a handle on my diabetes; I don’t want to suffer like my father did.”

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