Success Story: Avoided Treatment

//Success Story: Avoided Treatment

Success Story: Avoided Treatment

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 56 year old female

Diagnosis: Diabetes

Medical History: Member enrolled as new diabetic after A1C (average glucose over 2-3 months) showed elevation of 7.4 on annual lab check. MD gave member 2 months to show improvement before starting medication. Weight issue identified as well. Member contacted health coach.

MCM Intervention: Health coaching guidance included review of nonwhite carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables suggested as snacks/fillers. Low cholesterol food products and cooking methods recommended. Exercise plan suggested to enhance weight loss and blood sugar reduction. Member agreed to start with diet adaptations. An 11 pound weight loss was acheived and A1C dropped to 7.2 by appointment date. MD gave member 3 more months for self management due to success with weight loss. Health coach encouraged member to start daily 30 minute walks now that diet adjustments in place. Member agreed. Follow up exam in 3 months revealed an additional 21 pound weight loss with A1C reduced to normal range at 6.1. Medication for control of blood sugar was avoided.

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