Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

//Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 55 year old female

Diagnosis: Coronary Disease

Medical History: Member entered health coaching on medications for both high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol values. There was some some improvement in values noted but total cholesterol and triglycerides remained elevated despite reported changes in food selections and cooking methods. Her blood pressure remained above controlled limits and she was having difficulty achieving desired weight loss.

MCM Intervention: Health coach reviewed low cholesterol, low carbohydrate and low sodium guidelines with member. She stated followed all rules when preparing meals. RN questioned member about meals outside the home. Member admitted regular use of dining in restaurants. Health coach suggested following same guidelines for food selections outside of home. Member informed that staff would be versed in heart healthy items on menu. Suggestion made to have half of serving boxed at time of order for portion control. Member agreed to try 1/2 serving adjustment. She lost 27 pounds in 6 months dropping her BMI below 25 as recommended by the American Heart Association. Her total cholesterol dropped 35 points and triglyceride value was reduced by 141 points. The values are now in optimal range. Her blood pressure has been sustained below 120/80 since alteration.

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