Success Story: Averted lifestyle complications

//Success Story: Averted lifestyle complications

Success Story: Averted lifestyle complications

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 53 year old female

Diagnosis/Medical Condition: Patient has a diagnosis of High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

Medical History: Patient has been in coaching for less than a year. Her cholesterol was noted to be very elevated on a health risk screening at work. She used to see her MD only if she was ” very sick”. At the time of enrolling into the coaching program, though her cholesterol values at her work screening were quite high, she had not followed up with her physician. She did not exercise. She had a busy job, and when she got home, she was at rest. She was resistant to enrolling in the coaching program and stated she would be able to participate only if the Health Coach called her “after work hours”.

MCM Intervention(s): Health Coach agreed to work with patient “after work hours” per her request. Health Coach reviewed guidelines for a low sodium (salt) diet to prevent fluid retention which increases blood pressure; low fat food selections and cooking methods to reduce fat (cholesterol) intake; low carbohydrate choices to reduce caloric intake; and provided guidelines for developing a regular exercise plan to increase her HDL level. Patient was provided encouragement and guidance regarding meal planning, reading food labels, reducing portion sizes, limiting sweets, and processed and prepared foods. Health Coach monitored and supported patient during adjustments with regular follow up calls. At each Health Coach visit, the importance of following up with her physician regarding her elevated cholesterol values and routine care was stressed. Patient finally followed through and made her MD appointment. Additionally, she is also exercising 5 days per week for 30 – 45 minutes which includes a combination of light weight training and cardio. She has reduced her blood pressure to a normal level. She reports losing 7 pounds. Her MD ordered a repeat cholesterol test which showed that her total cholesterol had dropped 41 points since enrolling in health coaching. Her LDL (bad cholesterol) has also dropped 46 points, and her triglycerides have dropped 7 points. The support and education by the Health Coach has enabled the patient to focus on portion sized, heart healthy eating in combination with regular exercise. This shows her dedication in preventing the escalation of her condition.

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