Success Story: Averted progession of disease

//Success Story: Averted progession of disease

Success Story: Averted progession of disease

HiRes_MANPatient: a 74 year old male

Diagnosis: Coronary Disease

Medical History: Member entered Health Coaching with history of coronary artery disease which required a bypass of three arteries as well as uncontrolled high blood pressure which can weaken the arterial walls and elevated cholesterol levels which can block the arteries.

MCM Intervention: Health Coach reviewed guidelines for low cholesterol food choices, recommended cooking styles and portion control guides. Health Coach discussed the need for a regular exercise plan to improve his HDL (good) cholesterol level. A cardiology consult was recommended regarding proper medication selection for lowering cholesterol/blood pressure and to evaluate the status of the coronary arteries due to lack of control of risk factors and no follow up since surgery six years ago. The cardiac work up showed no further damage to the blood vessels. The cardiologist selected new medications. Member made changes to his diet as recommended and started a regular exercise routine. He has lost 21 pounds. His total cholesterol dropped 106 points; the HDL (good) cholesterol has risen by 8 points; the LDL (bad) cholesterol has gone down 117 points; and the triglycerides have dropped 124 points; his blood pressure has dropped from the high range into the desired range. The primary care physician and cardiologist have both acknowledged Member for the lifestyle changes and accomplishments in improving his health.

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