Success Story: Averted progression of disease

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 47 year old female

Diagnosis/Medical Condition: The patient has a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia.

Medical History: The patient has a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia with poor compliance for health.

MCM Intervention(s): Since enrolling in the DM program the patient has raised her “good” cholesterol by 6 points trending towards a healthier range. She has improved her food choices by making low fat, low sugar meals. This patient has also decreased her portion sizes. Large portions sizes, sugary foods, and saturated fats are high in calories which cause weight gain and increase the workload on the heart. This member is walking 1 mile on her lunch break and using an elliptical machine on the weekends. The patient has lost 21 pounds and lowered her BMI by 2 points. These heart healthy changes have reduced her risk of heart disease. These notable improvements are achieved with the surveillance and education provided by the health coach. All of this shows the patient’s dedication towards averting the progression of her condition.