Success Story: Averted costly ER visit

//Success Story: Averted costly ER visit

Success Story: Averted costly ER visit

HiRes_MANPatient: a 55 year old male

Diagnosis: Diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Medical History: Patient has a history of diabetes and high cholesterol levels. His cholesterol was well controlled through medication and exercise, but his diabetes was not – he had had several episodes of hypoglycemia and passing out.

MCM Intervention: Since enrolling in the DM program, the patient has received education and surveillance regarding counting carbohydrates at each meal. The number of carbohydrates eaten and insulin dose has a direct relationship on the patient’s blood glucose. Incorrect amounts and dose can cause extreme highs or lows resulting in a life threatening situation. He was also taught the importance of having a carbohydrate snack before exercise, and the importance of keeping glucose tablets with him (in case of hypoglycemia) and being well hydrated prior to and during exercise. He was encouraged to visit his MD and have his MD adjust his insulin dosage for his active lifestyle. The patient followed through and made the necessary changes. He continues to count his carbohydrates and monitor his blood glucose. He has a very active lifestyle, biking almost 200 miles every week. The patient has not had any emergency room visits in the last year. This shows averting a costly emergency department visit.

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