Success Story: Averted progression of disease

//Success Story: Averted progression of disease

Success Story: Averted progression of disease

HiRes_MANPatient: a 90 year old male

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of Coronary Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD).

Medical History: Health Coach contacted Member for routine ongoing assessments for conditions noted above. Member was self treating for cold like symptoms.

MCM Intervention: Health Coach questioned Member regarding symptoms, length of illness, treatment and response. Health Coach noted that Member who was normally talkative was quiet and did not speak with usual strength. Member insisted he merely had a runny nose from a cold. Health Coach informed Member she was concerned with increasing fatigue reported as well as decreased appetite. Health Coach reminded Member that multiple medical issues and age made self care a poor choice. Member insisted he only had a cold and did not want to call his doctor. Health Coach requested that Member write down to call doctor for advice in notebook used to help with memory issues. Health Coach encouraged Member to eat small meals more frequently and push fluids. Health Coach gave Member idea to tell doctor that “Coach made him call”. Member stated he “might” do that. Health Coach made follow up call to Member who reported that he followed the advice given and was admitted for a complete work up. He required antibiotics and dietary supplements and was released in 3 days. Member reports his MD was “glad he called before he ended up in real trouble”.

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