Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

//Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

Success Story: Averted Lifestyle Complications

HiRes_MANPatient: a 12 year old male

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of asthma.

Medical History: Patient is a 12 year old boy with asthma and controlled with rescue inhaler.

MCM Intervention: Patient was enrolled in health coaching by his Mother in 2011. Triggers have been identified as cold weather and peanuts. Health Coach and patient’s Mother discussed keeping the breathing tubes within the lungs open and to manage episodes of breathing difficulty. Reinforcement was placed on reduction of triggers. Reading food labels was an important aspect reviewed because many food products contain peanut oil. Health Coach stressed a healthy diet and proper clothing for protection from severe cold temperatures. Mother reports her son has not had any asthma symptoms for several months. She has reduced triggers and maintains a watchful eye when reading food labels to assure the ingredients will not be harmful to her child. She works with her child, health coach, and his doctor to control asthma and reduce the risk of complications from this condition.

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