Success Story: Averted Costly New Rx

//Success Story: Averted Costly New Rx

Success Story: Averted Costly New Rx

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 58 year old female

Diagnosis: The patient has a diagnosis of diabetes.

Medical History: Member entered Health Coaching program on oral medication for diabetes and an A1C level (average blood sugar over 2-3 months) trending upward along with her weight.

MCM Intervention: Member and Health Coach reviewed diet and exercise habits. Health Coach provided guidance regarding a low carbohydrate(starch) diet to reduce glucose(blood sugar) and calorie intake. Health Coach reviewed heart healthy food choices for reduction of fat intake and alternative cooking styles to reduce cholesterol as well. Plate and palm guides were reviewed for portion size control. Member and Health Coach worked together to determine a regular exercise plan to burn off glucose and calories. Member adjusted diet and exercise to improve blood sugar values, weight and quality of health. Member has lost 18 pounds and her A1C level is now below the target value set by her physician. The doctor has cut her diabetic medication dose in half and applauded Member’s effort.

ADDENDUM: This member was able to maintain a glucose value within normal limits after her hypoglycemic (blood sugar reducing) medication dose was cut in half. She was given a trial period without her diabetic medication. Member has sustained an A1C level(glucose average over 2-3 months) within the range expected of a non-diabetic through continued compliance with her diet and exercise plans. She no longer requires medication to control her blood sugar.

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