Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies

Overview Facts

  • Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies
    • Early notification of pregnancy, prior to the second trimester, is the key to success.
    • Notice can be provided via toll-free 800 number or MCM’s website
    • Welcome packet includes easy to understand educational material in English and Spanish
  • Risk Assessment
    • Completed over the phone with a Registered Nurse or Anytime on MCM’s web-site
    • Assessment evaluation conducted by RN’s and Physicians
  • Individual Care Plan Focused on Ensuring Routine Prenatal Care, Addressing Preventable Risks as well as High-risk Factors
  • Integrated with MCM Care, Case and Condition Management
  • Data Reports Detailing…
    • Member Notification & Participation
    • Risk Assessment Completion
    • Complications & Prematurity by…
    • Program Participants
    • Non-Participants
    • Rate of C-Section and NVD

Program Impact

  • Premature Birth Rate
    • 1.0% for Program Participants
    • 82% Below Non-Participant Rate
  • Delivery “Complication” Rate (Any Admission of Newborn exceeding Mothers Stay)
    • 6.7% for Program Participants
    • 52% Below Non-Participant Rate

Remember, Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies!