Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

//Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

Success Story: Averted Progression of Disease

HiRes_WOMANPatient: a 54 year old female

Medical History: The patient has a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia.

MCM Intervention: Since enrolling in the DM program, the patient has received education and surveillance on heart healthy eating and reducing portion sizes. The patient is focusing on reducing portion sizes and eliminating late night eating. As a result, she has lost nine pounds in five months. Moreover, her triglycerides have dropped 51 points based on her recent lab work. Triglycerides are a major form of fat in the body. High triglyceride levels are associated with a high risk for coronary heart disease. Reducing her weight has taken excess stress off her heart. By lowering her triglyceride level through potion control this patient has shown her commitment to preventing the escalation of her condition.

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