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MCM Live and Learn is provided to give you and your family instant access to well regarded and recognized health, wellness, and medical information and research available via the Internet. Staying informed about what you can do to stay healthy will enable you to make a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. MCM offers the following web sites to assist you in staying informed on health, wellness and topics of medical interest. Your personal challenge will be to educate yourself, make commitments you can keep and follow wellness / health guidelines that pertain specifically to you and have been approved by your physician(s). We all have unique physical and mental needs depending on age, current physical level, and current acute or chronic conditions which may be present. Taking charge of your life and your health is a worth-while commitment. At MCM, we want to support you in the development of better health. Feel free to email customer service if you have a question or want more information on our specific disease management programs.

Better Health Chronic Condition Management

Asthma & Diabetes
COPD & Asthma
Heart Disease

General Health Information

What Every Mom-to-Be Should Know
Click on the link above to view a PDF version of the Maternity Guide from MCM.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
There is as A-Z index for searching a specific illness or condition here.

National Institute of Health – National Library of Medicine
Go here to research a library of different health information including current health news.

WebMD Health
At WebMD Health, consumers can access health and wellness news, support communities, interactive health management tools and more.

Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic gives you access to the experience and knowledge of the more than 2,000 physicians and scientists of Mayo Clinic.
This site is designed to help consumers make sound decisions about a very important part of good health: use of medicines.

MedLine Plus
This web site provides health and drug information for patients, family and friends.
Reliable information about the proper use of over-the-counter (OTC) drug products.
Here you can find health information for the entire family, including an A to Z listing of health conditions.

Health Central
Go here to find out more about Rx information, top news stories and nutrition and excercise.
Here doctors provide you with information like practical guides to healthy living.

eMedicine Health
This web site is a good source for eTools, such as, calculators, diagrams and tables. eMedicine Health also provides information on drug recalls and alerts.

MCM does not endorse or recommend any source that is listed here. The association is merely attempting to identify web site locations that are generally accepted as reliable and credible in the health care industry. You should always consult with your physician(s) on specific topics related to your health and treatment.