……It’s Your Choice

//……It’s Your Choice

……It’s Your Choice

There have been recent news releases about acquisitions taking place in the Medical Management, TPA and PPO worlds. Those of us who operate in these worlds are right to be concerned when big national carriers buy TPAs and Medical Management companies with the intention of entering these markets to compete with other TPAs and PPOs.

We at MCM Solutions for Better Health want you to know that we are an independently and privately owned company with no ties to any TPA, network or insurance carrier. MCM has had the same ownership since its founding in 1986. Currently we cover over 500,000 lives in all states. MCM provides Population Health Management services which include UM, CM, DM and Wellness Programs.

The advantages of working with an independent company like MCM are:

  • Non Competitive – a medical management company owned by an insurance carrier, PPO, or TPA is in competition with your TPA – why provide revenue and knowledge to a competitor?
  • Steerage – gives you the freedom to choose any network that is best for your needs – MCM is not tied to any competitor.
  • Non-Biased – insures non-biased decision making as MCM does not have any financial interest in a decision.
  • Customization/Flexibility – ability to customize solutions to client’s special needs since there is no competitive or financial stake.
  • Accountability – as an independent entity, MCM can make decisions in the best interest of clients and not a parent company.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services in more detail. It’s your choice…….please let us know how we can help.

Please contact:
Brian Vervynck
SVP Sales, Marketing & Client Services
MCM Solutions for Better Health
105 West Adams, Suite 2200
Chicago, IL 60603

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