Disease Management Success Story: Male with high cholesterol

Patient: a 51 year old male

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol

Circumstances: The patient participated in a health risk assessment screening at the job site and his bad cholesterol was noted to be high at 158. His was not participating in regular exercise. Diet selections were sometimes loaded with too much fat, large serving sizes, and he is a little overweight at 190 pounds and stands 5’10” tall.

MCM Intervention: He has been involved with health coaching since 2009. Health Coach encouraged patient to make heart healthy food choices, read labels for salt and fat content, and have smaller portions to help lose extra pounds. Patient was sent reading material with information on how to eat healthy and ideas for exercise.

Outcome: The most recent screening for 2011 shows a drop in the bad cholesterol to 133 and he has lost 4 pounds. He has been eating fewer calories and choosing less sugar, fat, & salt in diet . The patient has improved his health and reduced the risk of stroke/heart attack.