Disease Management Success Story: 56 y/o Male with High Cholesterol

Patient: a 56 year old male

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol

Circumstances: Patient’s cholesterol level was noted to be high (232) during a job site screening in 2009. He was very active and enjoyed running for exercise. Eating habits were very poor and he often indulged in junk food. His health goal was not be placed on medication.

MCM Intervention: Patient began health coaching just prior to the health risk screening. Health Coach was very supportive of the running activity. Stressed that vigorous exercise is good for the heart. Reinforced tips for choosing foods limited in saturated fat and urged patient to avoid foods with trans fat. Discussed reading food labels and focused on zero trans fat. Suggest whole grains, low fat dairy, fish, chicken, nuts, and beans. He was sent literature to read about calories from fat and the type of fat.

Outcome: He does not eat food from vending machines now and still runs 4 or 5 times a week. Total cholesterol reduced to 191 and he is not on medication. The risk for heart attack/stroke has been reduced.