Disease Management Success Story: 51 y/o Female High Cholesterol

Patient: a 51 year old female.

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol

Circumstances: The patient was identified on a health risk assessment to have very high blood levels of cholesterol. She was on a general diet, eating anything she wanted without thought to saturated fat. She had been using the treadmill regularly but got out of the routine. Her total cholesterol was 274 and the bad cholesterol was 203.

MCM Intervention: She has been in coaching for 4 years. Dietary habits have been altered as a result of continuous reinforcement from health coach for heart healthy food choices. She has done well with planning meals with whole grains, fresh vegetables, low fat dairy products, avoiding fried/fatty foods, & less red meat.

Outcome: She maintains a healthy weight of 110 pounds and is 62 inches in height. Treadmill use has resumed for at least 3 to 4 nights a week. Her most recent health risk assessment showed a normal total cholesterol of 156 and the bad cholesterol is reduced to 86. The patient has significantly reduced her risk for heart attack & stroke through lifestyle changes.