Disease Management Success Story: 27 y/o Production Line Worker

Patient: Melissa, a 27 year old Production Line Worker

Diagnosis: Was found to have elevated BMI, Blood Pressure and LDL levels.

Circumstances: She worked very long shifts, but little exercise. Melissa also had a family history of diabetes. She related that she felt very stressed. Her BMI when she enrolled in Health Coaching in June of 2010 was 38. Her Blood Pressure was 150/80.

MCM Intervention: With nutritional education and encouragement from her RN Health Coach, she restricted her daily calories & was an avid reader of food labels. She began a daily exercise program; treadmill alternating with boot camp and Pilates.

Outcome: Melissa lost 20 pounds by February of 2011 and continues her lifestyle changes and weight loss. Her BMI, Blood Pressure and LDL levels are all within normal ranges.