Disease Management Success Story

//Disease Management Success Story

Disease Management Success Story

Patient: a 47 year old female

Diagnosis: Diabetes

Circumstances: Patient has been a diabetic for several years. She is overweight and has too many calories at mealtime. Losing some weight is her health goal and she uses a stationary bike to exercise. Average blood sugar is 109.

MCM Intervention: Patient has been in health coaching for about 2 years. She has done well with tips for meal planning, portion control, and selection of whole grains, fresh produce, more fish, chicken, & less red meat. She has received literature explaining the benefit of exercise in her daily routine as well as helpful hints on healthy food choices. Health coach asked patient to boost activity, so now she is on the stationary bike and the elliptical machine.

Outcome: She lost eleven pounds and her average blood sugar has decreased from 109 to 97. Her overall health has improved with lifestyle changes and the risk of complications associated with diabetes has been decreased.

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