Disease Management Success Story – October

//Disease Management Success Story – October

Disease Management Success Story – October

Patient: a 59 year old female

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol

Circumstances: Patient has a strong family history for this condition. She participated in a health risk assessment and her numbers for cholesterol were off target. Her total cholesterol was 277, the bad cholesterol was 174, and triglycerides was 201. She has been trying to manage with diet and exercise.

MCM Intervention: Patient began coaching 3 years ago. We discussed that it is important to manage this condition to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. She was sent literature that explained healthy eating and exercise as great ways to reduce cholesterol. Walking was agreed to be a great way to get started, and patient has a treadmill. She was encouraged to use it at least 5 days a week.

Outcome: She gave up smoking. She has shown improvement with cholesterol levels, with the most recent total measuring 247, the bad cholesterol at 152, and triglycerides at 131. The good cholesterol has improved also to 69. She remains smoke-free and has reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke. She improved her cholesterol without the use of medication.

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