Disease Management Success Story: Female with pre-diabetes

//Disease Management Success Story: Female with pre-diabetes

Disease Management Success Story: Female with pre-diabetes

Patient: a 62 year old female

Diagnosis: Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol Levels

Circumstances: Patient had a history of pre-diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and was also at risk for cardiac disease.

MCM Intervention: Since enrolling in the DM program, the patient has changed her dietary habits by reducing red meat, sweets, and starches like white bread and potatoes. The patient has also stopped adding salt to her food. These foods are high in saturated fat, calories, and sodium, which can cause water retention, weight gain, and also place an additional strain on her heart. Additionally, she also began an exercise program walking for 30 minutes a day, and has increased this to 5 days per week.

Outcome: The patient has lost 6 pounds, and her total cholesterol has dropped 38 points. Her LDL (bad cholesterol) levels have dropped 31 points and her triglyceride levels have also decreased by 53 points. The surveillance and education by the Health Coach has enabled the patient to focus on portion sized, heart healthy eating in combination with regular exercise. This shows her dedication in preventing the escalation of her condition.

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